Thrivalution activism.


Welcome to a space of consciously connecting with Nature, in all the myriad expressions of life, death and rebirth.

Thrivalution is a community of Gaia-loving beings, who are concerned about our way of living and caring for this beautiful earth, and all her creatures we inhabit.

This is a space which welcomes conscious consumption, sustainable solutions, regenerative practices, long term earth care and interdependent community.

We believe that a re-connection with Nature, awakens our innate Divine nature and changes the way we relate to the world around us.

Thriving is well-being on all levels, for all parts of the whole.


  • Sustainable and renewable choices for living clean and green.
  • Rising up to the accountability of a sacred sentient being of this beautiful planet.
  • Living in harmony with Nature, honouring Gaia as one magnificent being.
  • Leaving a positive impact, consciously walking lightly on the earth, taking only what we need and planting for the next 7 generations.


This is call to action … A call to return to the true essence of what “human beings” are.A clarion call to awaken to our Divine Nature, and live accordingly.


May we walk upon this magnificent earth, knowing that she is a living breathing being, which we are apart of. Luminous Love, Eleftheria



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